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Scientific Education

Training of your teams is accessible and adapted to each of your need.

Training are provided in the form of webinars or conferences, depending on your needs.

In order to provide you with high-quality scientific training that meets your needs, we determine together the desired outcomes (skills or knowledge) expected at the end of the course.

We develop content tailored to training objectives, based on high-quality scientific resources.

Training is built up in a logical and coherent way for progressive learning. Training is supported by tools such as Powerpoint presentations, videos, PDFs, etc.

An evaluation can be carried out (quizz, feedback) to measure the effectiveness of the training and verify that objectives have been reached.

What training courses are available?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of areas in which
BIOTECH UP can train you:


Skin biology

Skin microbiota


Food industry

Who is this training for?


Thanks to our CNU 68 qualification, we can train your students in chemistry and biology (high school, bachelor’s and master’s levels).


Everyone in your company can be involved: whether you need to train your marketing and sales teams in new ingredients/products, or train your R&D teams in new scientific concepts!