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R&D Project management

Study design is essential to the success of each of your projects.

We support you in project follow-up, with analysis and interpretation of your results. We support you in your development strategies for innovative products and active ingredients.

We offer support at all levels, depending on your needs:

  • Draw up project specifications: analyze needs, establish clear and measurable objectives.
  • Project planning: identify tasks to be carried out, set milestones and deadlines, identify resources and budget.
  • Monitor project progress in conjunction with all relevant internal departments (R&D, marketing, regulatory, etc.) and external departments (academic research laboratories, etc.): key performance indicators and deadlines.
    Effective communication is essential, which is why we offer exchanges by email, regular video meetings and the writing of progress reports.
  • Analyze, process and interpret the raw data from your research results.
  • Evaluate results: compare results with objectives.

Here are the data we can analyze and interpret thanks to our experience in academic research (CNRS and INSERM):

Extraction and analytical chemistry (HPSEC, HPAEC)

Skin cell growth and cytotoxicity

Extracellular vesicles

Proteomic: ELISA and Western Blot

Transcriptomic: RNA extraction and RT-qPCR

Immunohistochemistry: skin explants

Microbiology: bacterial growth

Confocal microscopy: bacterial biofilm